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Our community and specialist programmes depend on donations from the public. All our presenters are volunteers or trainees and without this additional support we would be unable to continue on air. Although we carry advertising, regulations prevent us from obtaining more than 50% of our income (above certain thresholds) from on-air advertising, so donations from the public and the support of our volunteers is essential. We want to support local bands, artists, events and groups and provide an alternative source of news and entertainment to Oxford and the surrounding area. You can help us achieve this by supporting the station with a one off or recurring donation, no matter how big or small.

We're a not-for-profit company, so every penny raised goes directly towards funding these services. As well as keeping our existing community and specialist programmes on air, donations will be used to upgrade our transmitter and studio facilities, provide training for new presenters and will help increase the variety and quality of programmes broadcast.

If you would like to donate to First FM you can do so via the links below. Any donation however small or large is gratefully received.
Every penny counts and will go directly towards keeping the station on air.

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